Starting a Pond Build 

Welcome to a whole new side of fish keeping. So you want to start a pond well theirs a few things you have to think about first before you even start building your pond. Here the list of choices you have to make first before starting.

  • Where the pond is going to be built.
  • what kind of  fish you want in it Koi or Goldfish or a bit of both. or is going to be a water garden witch is a pond with just plants .
  • the ponds shape size and depth.
  • tools needed to build the pond 
  • supplies like liner or preformed liner, pumps, skimmer, filter ,rocks, plumbing
  • and the most important part Cost 


Common pond and Fish Care Questions 

  1.  How big Can koi get? - Koi can reach a size of 25" to 30" in size if give proper care and a healthy living environment.
  2. When Should i stop feeding my koi in the fall? - You should stop feeding your koi when your pond water temperature drops below 55 F or 12.7 C.
  3. When should i bring my koi inside for the winter? - Before temperatures drop below the -4 c but if your pond is shallow or have young koi id bring them in sooner. I know in some regions hobbyists like to keep their koi in the pond during the winter by heating it and having an air pump running. I personally prefer to bring my koi in for the winter do to the harsh winters i get where i live.
  4. How do you keep your pond water clear?. That's simple by doing regular maintenance every week like Cleaning the filter and skimmer doing a water changes. Other ways to help keep your water clear includes adding water plants like floaters and water Lilly's witch help cover the waters surface and block the sun also reducing algae growth and keeping your pond water cool and giving your fish a place to hide. another good idea is adding a pond bog with fast growing water plants like Myriophyllum brasiliensis also known as Parrots feather  witch can be put at the bottom of your pond or in a bog Pennywort is also a fast growing plant that works great in bogs or cattails too. all theses plants help remove nutrients from your pond water that created from fish waste and left over fish food.  
  5. What kind of food do you feed your koi?-  Insane Aquatics feed Hikari koi food to all the koi it sells witch is a high grade koi food. crystal clear koi food is also a good brand of koi food that can be used but its really up to you and how much your willing to spend on the food.


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