little info about Piranha's

I know a lot of people think Piranha are these really mean meat eating fish that will eat anything that ends up in their aquarium, but the truth is they are not.  They are actually very shy and timid. The only way to get them to be like that is to have large schools of them like you would see in the wild. It is also important to be careful when working on an aquarium with Piranha's big or small because they may bite if they feel threatened or cornered. Also not all breeds of Piranha are the same, so be sure to take your time and do your research on the species you are looking at getting before purchasing. Here are some care tips also you should be aware the Piranha will eat their own kind if they are not being kept well fed or if there's one of their group members that are sick or weaker of the group. So if there's a sick or weaker member of  the group it would be a good idea to move that member to a sick tank until they are strong enough to be put back in the main tank. They also need an aquarium that has a good filter.

Species- Pygocentrus nattereri

Common name- Red Belly Piranha

Care level- Moderate


Adult size- 10 inches

Tank Size 55 gallons or bigger 

Species- Pygocentrus cariba

Common name- Blackspot Piranha

Care level- Moderate

Temperament- Aggressive

Adult size- 11 inches

Tank Size 55 Gallons or bigger

 Species- Pygocentras piraya

Common name- Man eating piranha

Care level- Moderate

Temperament- Aggressive

Adult size- 20 inches

Habitat-  Researching!!!!

Tank size- 125 gallons

 Species- Metynnis Argenteus

Common name- Silver Dollar

Care Level- Easy

Temperament- peaceful

Adult Size- 6 inches

Tank Size- 55 gallons or bigger

Extra information- The Silver Dollar is very peaceful and timid species for a fish that's so closely related to the Piranha. Also it's not a good idea to put a group of Silver Dollars in a tank with live plants due to the fact that they are vegetarians and will eat the plants.