Welcome to the new Hobbyist Corner 

This page is made too help you get started in the fish keeping hobby. On this page you will find all the basic information needed to get you started off with owning and caring for your own aquarium and hopefully help you avoid some of the common mistakes new hobbyist's make. This page will tell you how too go about adding new fish to your aquarium and even show you and explain why testing your water parameters is important. So i encourage you too read throw the topics on this page because in the end it could save you from loosing your new pets and save you some money as well.  

 What should I be doing before I go get a fish tank?

 The things you should do before going and buying an aquarium is to think about if this is a hobby you really want to get into. The second part is to decide how much time and money  you are willing to put into it. Because this hobby can get very expensive. Now after that you can start doing your research on what fish you would like to have in your aquarium and their needs.  Their temperament  will help you choose what to house with them.  The other thing you want to find out is how big they can grow, because this will help decide what size of aquarium you will need. So thats the main things you should do before buying an aquarium.  You should go price everything out before buying anything also.

                        How big of a tank should I get?

You n.should try to get as big of a tank as you can afford and that you have the space for. The reason I say this is because this hobby can really grow on you. The other thing is most people think that a smaller tank is less work but the fact is it's more work. Because the waste that builds up under the gravel has less space to spread out which means that the waste builds up faster. Meaning the aquarium has to be cleaned more often.


 How many fish can I put in my aquarium?

 The rule that most people in the hobby go by is an inch per gallon. So say you have a ten gallon aquarium and you want to buy a fish that grows up to 4 inch's. So that fish would need four gallons of  aquarium space to when full grown.


What are the main items I need to get started?

 Well, there's a few things you will have to pick up and those items are as listed.

  • Water conditioner
  • PH test kit
  • Ammonia test kit
  • Nitrate test kit
  • thermometer
  • air pump
  • air stone
  • air pump tubing
  • aquarium filter
  • Fish net

These are the ten items you well need to get started.  I also would try to get your gravel and decorations in the aquarium before you fill the tank up with water. Also remember to wash your gravel and decor before you put them in your aquarium.

Most of the items above are available on my online store. 


                How to introduce new fish into your aquarium

The common mistake new hobbyist make is to put their new fish straight into their aquarium when they get home witch is a big oops because by doing this you risk shocking your fish. Here's the steps you should take when introducing new fish into your aquarium .
Step- 1 
Turn the light of on your aquarium 
an keep the light off for 3 hrs after the fish has bin released into its new home.
this helps reduce the stress on the new fish.
Step- 2 
Float the bag with the fish in it in your aquarium for 20 mins.
Step- 3

Now take a net and gently scoop the fish out of the bag and release them into their new home . Now do not dump the water in the bag into your aquarium. Dump the water in the bag down the drain never put water from the pet stores aquariums in your aquarium.


  How do tell when a fish is sick or healthy?

Well there's a few things you can look out for when trying to tell if a fish is healthy or not. One way is by looking at the fish closely to make sure it doesn't have anything on it's body that shouldn't be there. The second way to tell if there's something wrong with your fish is the way it's acting.  A healthy fish will always act according to things in and around it's aquarium.

For more information on Fish diseases visit  the fish diseases faq page 


 What cause's Nitrates?

Nitrates are created from waste that's left over from your fish waste,decaying plants, left over food from over feeding. The effects of nitrates when the levels start getting in the high levels can cause problems for your fish and plants the fish start getting stressed witch intern weakens  their ability to fight off infections and can cause unwanted algae growth in your aquarium. witch is why you want to be checking your levels on a regular basis.

Treatment - 30% water change then wait for a few hours and re test your water. but also remember not to do to many water changes in a short time period as it could result in doing more harm then good.

What cause's Ammonia?

Ammonia is another water condition that's created from fish waste, dead fish, rotting dead plants, over feeding and by having too many fish in the aquarium. Ammonia will kill your fish if not dealt with in time. 

Treatment- 30% water changes also their's ammo carbon witch you can mix with your filters regular carbon it will also help reduce ammonia levels. theirs also bottles of liquid ammonia remover witch you can add to your aquarium to help reduce the level's. But if you really want to get your ammonia problem under control you will have to find whats causing it in the first place and fix it.


The test charts below are examples only and are not to be used to match your water test results from your freshwater test kits. Insane Aquatics is not responsible for any in accurate water test reading's or loss of fish or plants from the results of using the two test charts below.