Most of the tropical fish species listed below their tank temperature's should be around  75 to 80  F 

  Species- Balantiocheilus_melanopterus

Common name- Bala Shark

Care level- Moderate

Temperament- Peaceful

Adult Size- 10 to 12 inches

Tank Size- 30 gallons or bigger

Good Tank Mates- other peaceful species.

Unsuitable Tank Mates- Any really aggressive species.

Extra Species Info-

  Species- Pangasianodon hypophthalmus

Common name- Iridescent shark

Care Level- moderate

Temperament- Peaceful

Adult Size- 5 feet

Tank Size- 200 gallons or bigger

Tank Mates- Other fish of the same size

Unsutible Tank Mates- Smaller fish

Extra Info- They are a very nervous and delicate species of the schooling breed.

Species- Ariopsis_ seemanni

Common name- Colombian Shark

Care Level- Easy

Temperament- Peaceful

Adult Size- 14 Inches

Tank Size- 70 Gallons or bigger

Tank Mates- Species that are of the same size or bigger.

Unsuitable Tank Mates- Smaller fish.

Extra info: this is a brackish water fish with means it needs salt in its water. Also as it becomes an adult it should be transferred to a saltwater tank.  

 Species- Epalzerorhynchos frenatum 

Common name-Rainbow Shark/Albino Rainbow

Care Level- Moderate

Temperament- Semi Aggressive

Adult Size- 6 Inches

Tank Size- 30 gallons or bigger

Tank Mates- Unrelated tank species

Unsuitable tank mates- Others of its own kind.

Extra Info-

 Species- Epalzeorhynchos bicolor

Common name- Red tail black Shark

Care level- Moderate

Temperment- Semi Aggressive

Adult Size- 4 to 8 inches

Tank Size- 30 gallons or bigger

Good Tank mates- unrelated species of fish.

Bad Tank Mates- Other Red tail sharks.

Extra Info- They can become tyrants when they get older.

 Species- Morulius chrysophekadion

Common name- Black shark

Care Level- moderate

Temperament- Semi Aggressive

Adult Size- 2 feet

Tank Size- 80 gallons or bigger

Tank mates- unrelated tank mates

Unsutible tank mates- other species of it's kind

 Species- Luciosoma  spilopleura

Common name- Silver Apollo shark

Care level- moderate

temperament- Peaceful

Adult Size- 10 inches

Tank size- 55 gallons

extra info- needs lots of space to swim  with tank with good water moment  also only house with other fish of same size and that are as active. also can be come a bully during feeding time.

 Species- Myxocyprinus asiaticus

Common name- Chinese Hi fin banded shark

Care level- Moderate 

Temperament- peaceful 

Adult size- 12 - 14 inches

Tank size- 125 gallons

extra care info- Keep in aquariums with good filtration and fast flowing water. Also needs a substrate that's soft and smooth and shouldn't be housed with barbs or loaches.