Crayfish Care

So you are interested in adding a Crayfish to your home aquarium! Well theirs a few things you need to know before going out and buying one. First you need to know is that Crayfish are a scavenger/hunter's witch means they will eat pretty much anything that they can find or catch. Also another thing to keep in mind is they need to be kept in a well covered aquarium do to the fact that they are very good escape artists. Also crayfish need a well planted and filtered aquarium with lots of caves to hide in. Most crayfish don't get any bigger then 3 - 5 inches at most they are easy to care for and peaceful for the most part unless their males they tend to be more aggressive then the females anther thing too is that crayfish do shed their skin just like snakes as they grow. The minimum tank size i would keep them in is about 10 gallons but the more space the better.


 Cold water CrayFish

Species- Astacus astacus

Common name- Noble Crayfish

Species- Astacus fluviatilis

Common name- European Crayfish


Warm Water CrayFish 

 Species- Cambarellus patzcuarensis

Common name- Mexican Orange Dwarf Crayfish

Species- Cherax holthusi

Common name- Apricot Crayfish 

 Species- Cherax papuanus

Common name- Asian Tiger Crayfish

 Species- Cherax quadricarinatus

Common name- Australian Redclaw Crayfish

Species- Procambarus alleni

Common name- Electric Blue Crayfish 

Species- Procambarus clarkii

Common name- Red Swamp Crayfish