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Commonly asked fish questions 

What does it mean when my fish have tiny little white dots all over it's body? This means your fish has ick. It's a type of parasite that's very common in the aquarium hobby and can be treated with ick guard. For  more information on this disease and others vist the fish disease faq page.

How do you tell Koi from Goldfish? The way you can tell a common goldfish from a koi is to look for a little barbs on each side of the fishes mouth.  If there are no barbs then it's a goldfish.  

Why do my algae eaters keep dying on me? One of the main reasons why allot of people's algae eaters die on them is because  they add them too early to their aquarium or the tank runs out of algae for them to eat and they end up dying. Here's a little fact, an algae eater shouldn't be added to your aquarium until 20 or 30 days after setup. Because it takes up to two weeks before algae starts to form in an aquarium.

How long can my fish live for? Well what I commonly tell people when they ask me is it all depends on how well you care for them. The better you care for them the longer they live.

How do I know what fish will get along together? To avoid putting the wrong fish together and having them eat each other or fighting is to do as much research on the fish you want before buying them.  That way you don't end up wasting money and you will know if he will get along with the other species fish you want in the aquarium. 

How do you tell male and female goldfish apart? Well the first thing you should know is goldfish only breed in spring time. As far as how you tell them apart. is the male fish ends up getting white bumps on their gill plates during breeding season and the female goldfish become more chubby during breeding season.

 How do you tell male and female angelfish apart?  Yes but its not easy to spot most who are wanting to breed angels normally go buy a group of six to eight angels and wait for them pair off. Once you find that you have a breeding pair you take the other angels out and leave the breeding pair in the aquarium that has a peace of slate or a java fern so they can lay their eggs on. but you can also start telling them apart around 3 months of age by the shape of their bodies. To see if you have a male look for the body of the angel to look a bit more oval and for females they have a more rounded body shape to them.  

How do tell when a fish is sick or healthy? Well there's a few things you can look out for when trying to tell if a fish is healthy or not. One way is by looking at the fish closely to make sure it doesn't have anything on it's body that shoudn't be there. The second way to tell if there's something wrong with your fish is the way it's acting.  A healthy fish will always act according to things in and around it's aquarium.

Commonly asked Aquarium questions 

Common Aquarium 


Why is their so much algae growth in my aquarium? Well there's a few reasons to why you could have so much algae growth. One of them could be because you are getting to much sunlight beaming into your aquarium. That could cause the algae to get out of hand. The other reason is you might be over feeding your fish and that could be causing your aquarium water to be rich in nutrients which would cause the algae to grow faster.

Why is my tank water so cloudy or why does my tank water smell? Well these two questions are quite commonly asked by aquarium owners  and here are the answers I usually give them. The first reason is that you might have too many fish in your aquarium and the filter is being over loaded and you might need to buy a bigger filter or a bigger aquarium. Second reason is the filter media hasn't been changed in a while and needs to be changed. Or your gravel just needs a simple vacuuming with a gravel vac.