Most of the tropical fish species listed below their tank temperature's should be around  75 to 80  F 

Tiger barbs like to be in groups of five or more. They also like lots of swimming room and can become bullies to slower or smaller species of fish and will nip fins if given the chance. So to avoid fin nipping, don't house them with fish that have long fancy fins like betta fish for example.  

Species- Tiger Barb

Care Level- Easy

Temperament- Semi aggressive

Adult Size- 2-3 Inches

Tank Size- 20 gallons or bigger.

Good Tank Mates- other active species of fish.

Unsutibale Tank Mates- species that are slow moving and have long fancy fins.


Species- Barbus - fasciolatas

Common name- Blue barred barb\ African banned barb

Care level- moderate


Adult size- 2 - 3 inches

Tank size- 29 gallons

Need to know information - this barb like's to be in groups of 3 to 5 and also like's lots of open swimming space.