Most of the tropical fish species listed below thier tank temperature's should be around  75 to 80  F 

About The Angel Fish 

Angelfish are one of those breeds of fish that everyone likes do to their long fins and how gracefully move throw the water. I know alot of people would like to have angel fish in their aquariums but theirs a few things you should know about them first. The first thing is they are a fish that can be easily stressed out the second thing is they are a slow moving witch means they shouldn't be housed with barbs or tetras do the fact that they will nip their fins and they need some open space to swim around.


Angel Fish Care  

Care Level- Moderate

Temperament- Semi Aggressive

Adult Size- 6-12 inches

Tank Size 30 Gallons or more.

Tank Mates- Any peaceful fish That are 4 inches or bigger.

Unsuitable Tank Mates- Any fin nipping breeds.

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 Species- Pterophyllum_altum

Common Name- Altum Angel

Rare and very expensive

 Species- Pterophyllum_ leopoldi

Common Name- Teardrop Angelfish

 Species- Pterophyllum Scalare 

Common- Scalare black

Species-Pterophyllum Scalare 

 Common name- Scalare marble

 Species- Pterophyllum Scalare 

Common name- Scalare Bleeding heart

Species- Pterophyllum Scalare 

Common name- Scalare golden

 Species- Pterophyllum Scalare 

Common name- Scalare golden Veiltail

Species- Pterophyllum Scalare 

Common name- Scalare green flame

 Species- Pterophyllum Scalare 

Common name- Scalare panda

 Species- Pterophyllum Scalare 

Common name- Scalare red

 Species- Pterophyllum Scalare 

Common name- Scalare redhead ghost

 Species- Pterophyllum Scalare 

Common name- Scalare redhead marbled