Controlling Algae 

 Hi everyone it's me again.  I'm here to talk to you about Algae control. This is one of those questions that I get asked quite allot which I don't mind because how are you going to ever figure out how deal with the problem if you don't ask someone that has dealt with it before right! . So the first thing to do is to learn what makes the algae thrive so basically what stuff it likes. So what I did was some research on this annoying little moss-like plant that never seems to want to go a way no matter what you do. So after a few days of research I came up with four steps that can help you control your algae in your aquarium. So here they are!


Number One - Make sure your aquarium is not sitting in front of a window or any place where sunlight can beam straight into the aquarium. Due to the fact that algae thrives on sunlight and will cause the algae to spread faster.

Number Two - Try not to over feed your fish.  By doing this, you eliminate the amount of nutrients in the aquarium and water in turn giving the algae less food.

Number Three - Try to keep the water in the aquarium moving at a steady pace all around the aquarium.  I bet you ask yourself what does water flow have to do with controlling Algae?  Well it really does nothing to the algae itself, but it really helps the filter out allot  in getting all those little algae hairs and buds out of your aquarium.  It also stops them from sticking back to the aquarium's glass so the filter can suck them up. 

Number Four - This method can be a bit pricey but it does work!  You can go to your local pet shop and pick up a UV Sterilizer.  These machines vaporize the little algae hairs and new buds.  It's also very useful for keeping parasites and other disease out of your aquarium or under control so it doesn't spread as fast.

I hope these tips help you with your algae problem in keeping  it under control. Also if you have any tips that work and you would like me to add, feel free to Email me with your tip.